DriveClub Developer to Face Layoffs

Last week it was revealed that Sony is restructuring DriveClub developer Evolution Studios, and now a report from Eurogamer details a significant number of layoffs at the company.

According to sources, Evolution expects to lose 55 staff members in the coming weeks. That makes up about half of the company, which continues to work on DriveClub downloadable content and the now-infamous PlayStation Plus version.

A recent Sony statement specifically stated that Evolution's focus is still on "the important launch of the PS Plus Edition." As of right now, it's been six months since the planned launch of the PS Plus Edition.

The reason for Evolution's layoffs are unknown, but one source speculates it's "pure finances" or "perhaps a smack for DriveClub's problems."

The downsizing of Evolution surely affects the continued development of DriveClub, but one source affirms that "the staff they kept are the best at what they do." Hopefully that turns out to be true for the sake of Evolution Studios.