Sunset Overdrive Dropping to $40

Sunset Overdrive, the blast-tastic open-world shooter from Insomniac Games (which we gave a sparkling 5/5 review last year), has been given a righteous price slash from $60 to $40.

The Xbox One exclusive, launched in late October, has seen various sales that may have pushed the price tag below the $40 point, but now, we may see even a more significant push below that mark with this permanent price drop. All the better, really, since all Xbox One owners deserve to nab a copy of the game.

On a related note, the latest DLC for the game entitled Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines has been released (with the trailer embedded above). This $10 add-on will give you the ability to control Energy Balls.

Insomniac Games also hasn't forgotten that this is April Fools' Day and has added the "Worst Job in the Kingdom" Achievement that can be earned by completing the "Floating Garbage" mission in less than 15 minutes.