Dragon’s Dogma Online Targets 60FPS on PS4, Includes Cross-Platform Play

Capcom plans to release the free-to-play RPG Dragon's Dogma Online on the PlayStation 4, and the current-gen console version will target 1080p/60FPS according to a DualShockers report.

Game director Kent Kinoshita revealed the technical specifications of the PS4 version at an event in Tokyo. He also mentioned that the PlayStation 3 version runs at 720p/30FPS.

Dragon's Dogma Online will also come out on PC, and the game includes cross-play support for all three version. Players on the PS3, PS4, and PC will all play with each other on the same servers.

Capcom still hasn't announced any plans for a western release of Dragon's Dogma Online, but fans can hopeā€¦ or they can band together and translate the PC version, much like Phantasy Star Online 2. A Capcom localization would be so much more convenient though.