Tomb Raider Tops 8.5 Million Sales Following “Disappointing” Release

2013's Tomb Raider is now the best selling in the franchise, Square Enix announced today. Totaling at 8.5 million units sold across five platforms, it now not only ranks as the top selling Tomb Raider in history, but also one of Square Enix's highest grossing.

Shortly after release the release of Tomb Raider, Square Enix shared that it fell short of projections. Although its 3.4 million units sold during its first month eclipsed anything else on the market, it was a far cry from the 5 to 6 million anticipated. Square Enix referred to it as a "disappointment", stunning the many who saw it as a blockbuster success.

Now that it's at 8.5 million, albeit with additional development time spent for its PS4 and Xbox One "Definitive Edition", it's unclear if Square Enix is satisfied with its performance.

Crystal Dynamics is currently working on a sequel titled Rise of the Tomb Raider. It has a release date planned for Holiday 2015 exclusively for Xbox One and Xbox 360. While many expect the deal to only be timed exclusive, the smaller audience at launch is expected to impact sales in a substantial way.