Square Enix Reveals “Can’t Kill Progress” With Tortured Man on Twitch Stream

Square Enix has revealed that the acronym in "Project CKP," a stand-in title for a new game by a Western developer, stands for "Can't Kill Progress" on the official Twitch channel for the game. The stream is set for three days of coverage and viewers can make various decisions on how the stream plays out by voting in the Twitch chat.

So far, the stream is of looping footage of a thin man (named Tomas, I believe) in simple gray clothes trapped in a gray cell seemingly constructed out of one-way glass and large rectangular blocks. Strips of lights line the edges of the room with blaring intensity. The man has been seen sleeping, examining the glass, and crying out "What did I do wrong?" at various camera angles. Sometimes he is inundated with Russian folk music… torturously so.

He has also been interrogated by two male figures (ostensibly police, as it's written on some of the backs of their clothing) They speak English with a Russian accent, with one of them in charge of asking questions and the other punching and choking the subject for not answering their questions properly. Of course, he still has no idea why he's there.;

What this has to do with the actual game is unclear. This could have something to do with the Deus Ex series or perhaps the upcoming Hitman title. What do you think this is all about?

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