GTA V PC is Already a Top 3 Most Played Game on Steam [UPDATE]

Update: SteamSpy's data states that Grand Theft Auto V's PC version has sold over one million units on Steam within the last 16 hours.

Original Story: It's never all that surprising when a Grand Theft Auto game sells a ton of copies. However, the PC port of Grand Theft Auto V arrives more than a year and a half after the game's initial launch, with

DRM, and without mod support. It didn't exactly set itself up for success. Nonetheless, if its launch is any indication of how it will perform, it's going to do extremely well.

A quick look at Steam's stats shows that Grand Theft Auto V has peaked at just over 300,000 players within its first 12 hours on the market. This makes it the third most popular game on the platform today, well ahead of Team Fortress 2 which sits in fourth place.

It's important to remember that Grand Theft Auto V launched at midnight, so there are a lot of people who aren't going to be playing the game until tonight. That 300,000 figure is sure to be toppled in quick order. The figure also indicates that the port has sold at least 300,000 copies pushing the total sales of Grand Theft Auto V beyond the 45 million mark.

Grand Theft Auto V's PC version is already being commended by many for its thorough improvements over the console versions. Although some are struggling with technical issues, it appears to be far more optimized than previous Grand Theft Auto PC games, especially Grand Theft Auto IV.