Heroes of the Dorm Will Be Rebroadcast on Twitch Today

Good news, Heroes of the Storm fans. If you missed out on Sunday's Heroes of the Dorm tournament you'll be able to watch it in its entirety on Twitch today from the comfort of any one of a number of devices.

Announced via the official Heroes of the Storm Twitter feed, the rebroadcast will commence at 12:00PM PST and will include the ferocious Heroic 4 and Grand Finals. The tweet reads:


We'll be rebroadcasting the Heroes of the Dorm Heroic 4 and Grand Finals matches today starting at 12 pm (noon) PDT on @Twitch!

Heroes of the Dorm was Heroes of the Storm's final major tournament before its planned release of June 2nd. The tournament showcased the game's ability to be a popular eSport title. Unfortunately, it was only viewable via ESPN2, and many fans who prefer to watch video game feed on Twitch missed out. On the plus side, it has earned a ton of attention, becoming a trending topic on Twitter along the way.

Heroes of the Dorm also indicated the current meta game. Hero popularity became clear as champions such as Illidan, Diablo, Jaina and The Lost Vikings were popular choices. Thankfully, Draft Mode allowed for a few of these potentially overpowered heroes to be ruled out from play.

Heroes of the Storm's weekly maintenance concluded this morning and signaled a new free hero rotation which includes Diablo, Muradin, Raynor, Tyrande, Zeratul, Gazlower, and Tassadar.

You can watch the stream below starting at 12:00PM PST: