Watch Dogs 2 Is Happening According to LinkedIn Leak

A Senior Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft has posted information on his LinkedIn profile that could get him in a whole lot of trouble. Previously responsible for working on Watch Dogs and Bad Blood, he listsĀ Watch Dogs 2 as a game he's working on. The game hasn't been announced by Ubisoft.

The LinkedIn entry can be seen below:

The entry has since been removed from his profile, and Ubisoft has declined to comment.

Although Watch Dogs was a target of controversy due to the discrepancies between its final build and its earlier demo build, it sold extremely well. As a matter of fact, it broke Ubisoft's sales record for any new IP, shipping more than eight million units.

As a stealth action fan I found Watch Dogs to be a pleasant experience with some new tricks up its sleeve. That said, it certainly didn't match its earlier promises, which undoubtedly stemmed from pressure to meet deadlines during development. Now that a game engine and assets are solidified, Watch Dogs 2 can concentrate on being what its predecessor wasn't able to, and that's exciting.

We'll be waiting for an official announcement from Ubisoft, which will likely happen during E3. I just hope that it's for current-gen consoles and PC only so that it can focus on pushing hardware.

[Via: VideoGamer]