The Last of Us: Left Behind Gets Standalone Release

Left Behind is a fantastic prequel to The Last of Us, and now audiences who have yet to experience Ellie and Riley's touching story will be able to do so without purchasing the main game.

An announcement on the PlayStation Blog reveals that the single-player DLC Left Behind will get a standalone release on PSN for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The $9.99 download is scheduled to come out on May 12.

In addition to the story, Left Behind includes a two-hour trial of the Faction multiplayer mode in The Last of Us. Players who have fun with the mode will be able to purchase the full Factions experience and/or The Last of Us through the in-game store.

Left Behind might not have the same impact for audiences who have yet to play The Last of Us, but I'm sure it still proves effective as its own game. I'll be curious to see how many people play the standalone DLC first and then transition to The Last of Us.