DICE Details Creating a Planet in Star Wars Battlefront

DICE is currently developing Star Wars Battlefront. The studio has a wealth of source material to work with, but it also wants to create its own original content within the Star Wars universe. Enter Sullust, a new planet that DICE details in a Star Wars Day post.

Sullust isn't completely original in the sense that it's mentioned in Return of the Jedi, but the planet itself doesn't make an appearance anywhere. Thus DICE has creative freedom when it comes to the creation process. Ultimately, the studio decides on a lava planet.

Team members visited Iceland to help influence the design of the planet. Andrew Hamilton, lead environment artist at DICE, talked about the Icelandic inspiration for Sullust.

"It’s very barren in a beautiful way," he said. "It hints at all the features in our concept and all the content we needed to gather…all the materials, rock shapes and even the lava.”

DICE was also inspired by the Death Star, primarily because lore establishes Sullust as having an imperial presence. According to the post, it's "almost as if the same architect who designed the Death Star left their mark on the structures that stand across the surface of Sullust in Star Wars Battlefront."

Sullust will be one of the 12 multiplayer maps to make an appearance in Star Wars Battlefront. The game is scheduled to come out on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.