Realistic Screenshots Unveiled for Medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse Studios has released a set of environmental screenshots for Kingdom Come: Deliverance that look absolutely stunning. So far, as noted by the official website, the game has already amassed over $2.3 million in funding, starting with the Kickstarter campaign back in February 2014.

Powered by CryEngine, the screenshots show off the incredible detail that the indie studio is looking to create as it attempts to realize its open-world, medieval RPG that proudly discards the usual fantasy elements (in an RPG like this) for a more realistic ArmA-like approach. That first image of the forest made be look twice just to make sure I wasn't being fooled.

Set in 1403 in medieval Europe, Kingdom Come: Deliverance wishes to meld The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, Mount and Blade, and Dark Souls into a single game. The combat system has been inspired and supported by medieval weapon experts, and the dialogue trees will allow for numerous solutions to a quest.

Of course, stunning screenshots like these tend to be called "bullshots," and looking at the new 30-minute gameplay video (posted above) in January 2015, Warhorse Studios admits that it has a long way to go as it reaches its mid-2016 release. Character animations and clipping need to be cleaned, for sure.

That said, it has already made significant progress with voiceovers and graphics as shown by the latest video update posted on April 2. The sneak peek shows off the lockpocking, horseriding, stealth, and reputation systems in the upcoming alpha which will release around E3 2015.