Konami Doesn’t Have Any Idea What It’s Doing Wrong With Silent Hills and Metal Gear

As if the rumored dismantling of Hideo Kojima's relationship with Konami wasn't enough, the canceling of Silent Hills was a blow loud enough to send shockwaves throug the internet. Konami has quickly earned itself the disfavor of gamers around the world for its actions, and apparently has little idea why.

Despite all its wrong-doings, it appears that Konami has absolutely no clue that its actions have had huge negative consequences for not only gamers, but the gaming industry. Konami's Tora Shiro commented the following on NeoGAF in reply to a user who shared how frustrated he is with the company.

Totally fine, I take no offense and always encourage fans to let us know where we are royally screwing up as to find out where we should be improving.

Pro tip: Listening to the 125,000 signature petition to resurrect Silent Hills would be a good start.

Konami's actions seem to display its disinterest in making high-budget, multi-year development AAA games heading into the future. Looking at its financials, it becomes clear that it's probably turning to the higher profit margins and lower risk of the arcade and mobile space, as well as its health and physical fitness clubs.

It's a shame particularly in the case of Silent Hills due to how much potential it had. We're talking about a horror game that could have sold millions of units and raised the bar for the genre. Unfortunately, there's no future for the game, and Metal Gear fans will have to wait and see what a Kojima-less Metal Gear is like. It's as if the Konami world has been turned on its head.