Mario Kart Producer to Lead Mobile Game Development at Nintendo

Nintendo plans to enter the mobile marketplace in the near future, and it looks like the company has picked an individual to lead the charge according to a recent financial report.

The report from Sankei, translated by Nintendo Everything, reveals that a Mario Kart producer will be in charge of Nintendo's mobile development going forward. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata didn't mention a specific name, but it's assumed he was referring to Hideki Konno.

Konno has been a producer on all Mario Kart games since Mario Kart DS back in 2005. He even worked on the most recent one on Wii U, so he's been an active figure within Nintendo for quite a few years.

Some more news about Nintendo's mobile development was revealed during a financial briefing. Iwata expressed Nintendo's desire to release five mobile games by March 2017. He also said it's not a small number, because each one will be carefully made with post-release support.

It looks like Nintendo won't pump out a bunch of mobile games in the next couple of years, so I'm sure many will be curious to see the quality of the five planned mobile games by 2017.