Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Leaked by Ratings Board

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has been listed by the Brazilian Advisory Ratings Board.

The listing, which doesn't reveal much other than the game's title and the obvious fact that Microsoft Studios is the publisher, adds weight to prior reports that surfaced just a couple weeks ago in which an anonymous inside source let slip that the original Gears of War was getting a new-gen makeover for Xbox One.

The still announced game is believed to be a remake of just the Xbox 360 original (not the entire Marcus Fenix trilogy) with Splash Damage handling development and animation Studio Plastic Wax remaking all the cutscenes.

Of course, until we get an official announcement from Microsoft, none of this can be confirmed as 100 percent real, so sit tight until E3. If this Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is indeed coming, I'm sure we'll hear all about it next month during Microsoft's media briefing in Los Angeles.