PSN Is Down. It’s Not Just You [Update: Restored]

[Update: All systems and services appear to have been restored as of 3:00am Eastern]

Original Post:

Looking to buy something from the PSN Store or do some online gaming? Too bad, the PSN is unexpectedly down. It's not like earlier this week, when we had some maintenance; this is the problematic kind of downtime. Sony's official status page says that "Services are experiencing issues."

Sony lists affected platforms as "PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Other." I guess "Other" means Vita and/or PSP? Affected services are signing in, Vue, Video, the PSN Store, and naturally, online gaming. So take a trip back to some great single-player, or online but not PSN, or entirely offline games this weekend, eh? There are some great ones, you know.

If you feel like taking the time and love you intended for Sony and redirecting it at me, I did write a relevant article some years ago that I still think is some of my better material.