Bungie Forgets Christmas

Whether or not you celebrate Christian/Pagan/American/Consumerist day off school known as Christmas, it's common knowledge that the PSN was down for quite a while over the break, and temperamental through the New Year. It was five months ago and it was all over the news. Who could forget?

The answer is Bungie. Bungie forgets.

Recently, Bungie took to the internet and posted this about the House of Wolves launch:

The stampede on May 19th was… impressive. Not even the arrival of the KinderGuardians of Christmas could match the numbers we saw for the opening of Wolf Hunting season. As of 11AM on the third day of fighting, Skolas has been captured almost 900,000 times, and evicted from the Prison of Elders with extreme prejudice over 9,000 times.

I assume the ellipses there was author DeeJ trying to shake off the booze or something.

Well anyway, Destiny team, congratulations on seeing an increase of online traffic during times when the connections for your most popular platforms are working.