Valve Announces Steam Machine Release Date

Valve's Steam Machines, pre-built computers designed to be the company's first foray into the console market, now have a release date: November 10.

The announcement was made this morning, and it was also revealed that the Steam Controller and Steam Link device will be released on the same day. In addition, prospective buyers can pre-order the system now to gain access to it a month early on October 16.

Alienware and CyberPower models are currently available for pre-order, and other manufacturers will release their own details in the coming weeks. As for prices, Alienware models range from $499 to $749. The Steam Controller and Steam Link both cost $49.

Steam Machines come with the Linux-based operating system SteamOS installed. Valve promises 1,000-1,200 games available at launch, and the company plans to add Linux support to many more games in the future.

More and more people use desktops as living room systems nowadays, so there's certainly a market out there for something like a Steam Machine. Time will tell whether it proves to be a huge success for Valve.