Amazing Heroes of the Storm Art Mural Hits Downtown Los Angeles

When it comes to great video game art, few do it as well as Blizzard Entertainment. Each of its franchises, from Diablo to Warcraft, have a distinct and compelling vibe. Their great character design is particularly highlighted in the recently released Heroes of the Storm.


Blizzard has hired artists Smug, Hicks, and Captain Kris to draw a mural in downtown Los Angeles (Jesse St. & Imperial St.) which it calls Project Sprayhem. The mural, which stands more than 20 feet in height and is composed entirely of spray paint, includes more than a dozen popular Blizzard heroes including Diablo, Nova, and Arthas in true Heroes of the Storm fashion.

Below you can see a gallery of the mural. Alternatively, you can head to Los Angeles and see it for yourself.