Hellblade Gets First Gameplay Trailer

A small team at developer Ninja Theory has been hard at work on Hellblade, an upcoming action game for PlayStation 4 and PC. Now the company has released the first gameplay trailer for its newest project.

As the trailer references, Hellblade details protagonist Senua's descent into madness. The mental illness theme sends her to a twisted version of Hell, and she must fight her way out.

The video also shows a stormy outdoor setting as Senua travels through the woods. A brief moment of combat is shown, though it's not much. A closer look at the game can be found in Ninja Theory's latest developer diary.

Only 15 people are working on Hellblade in an effort to explore a new "Independent AAA" development model. The trailer looks impressive considering the small team size, and Ninja Theory will surely reveal more Hellblade details next week at E3.