PR Person Won’t Let Sony Say How Long FF7 Remake is PS4 Exclusive

Common practice, when you've got a timed exclusive, is to not say exactly how long that timing is. But something being common doesn't make it any less silly. In an interview with Gamespot about E3 overall, Sony Europe's Jim Ryan was asked about Final Fantasy VII. Here's how that went:

Another big E3 reveal for you was the HD Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which was a huge crowd pleaser. How long does the timed exclusivity deal last?

We don’t have anything to say about that at this point in time.

I understand. I remember when Microsoft announced the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity deal, and Phil Spencer was engulfed by the press who were asking him how long the exclusivity lasted. I feel this issue deserves the same scrutiny.

Yes, but that whole thing was very ambiguous.

Yes, but this is ambiguous as well. No one knows how long Final Fantasy 7 is a timed exclusive for.

[PR spokesperson: “At this stage, we are announcing that it’s coming to our platform. There’s nothing else we can say, in terms of exclusivity.”]

But that is ambiguous. People who want to buy this game don’t know how long it will remain as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

[PR spokesperson: “At this stage, we are just saying announcing the title, so it’s very common, especially at this stage, to say it’s coming and that it’s coming to our platform.]

Do you think the exclusive window will be? Six months? More? Less?

What platforms do you think it will then do to? I'm betting PC and Xbox One, myself.

[Source: Gamespot]