Q-Games Announces Fall Release for The Tomorrow Children

One of the more unique games at E3 this year was Q-Games' The Tomorrow Children, a PlayStation 4 exclusive first revealed at Gamescom last year. Following the event, company president and executive producer Dylan Cuthbert has announced a Fall 2015 release.

The Tomorrow Children is a hard-to-describe game, even after spending some time with it at E3. It features an open world and a heavy emphasis on resource management, but there are also aspects of tower defense and strategy as well.

Cuthbert says the company has been busy "adding tons of new features previously unseen in trailers and the closed alpha last fall." In addition, he described the story and said, "life still flourishes as humanity claws its way back from the brink of extinction, and players in the roles of Projection Clones will take that life into their own hands."

The Tomorrow Children seems like one of those games in which truly creative players will flourish and build amazing objects and structures. I can't wait to see those creations this Fall.