FFXIV: Heavensward 3.01 Patch Opens Alexander Raid, Buffs Bards and Machinists

It's been two weeks since the official launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. As planned, its first raid has opened up, and along with it come a flood of changes and additions to the game.

Today's 3.01 patch marks the first significant post-launch update for FFXIV: Heavensward. For one, Alexander is now available. It requires an item level of 170 or higher, and can be entered using Duty Finder. The loot system it employs is a bit different than what's been seen in the past, with a treasure coffer dropping tokens to be rolled for upon completion of a floor. Alexander is composed of four separate floors from which you can obtain one token per week each. These tokens can be traded for gear in Idyllshire.

​The patch isn't just about adding Alexander, though. If you play a Bard or Machinist, you will be glad to hear that Wanderer's Minuet and Gauss Barrel have been buffed with instant cast times and a 10% damage increase. The potency of other abilities have been reduced to emphasize the use of these two new "stances". The Dark Knight's slew of bugs introduced in last week's hotfix have also been addressed.

There are also new FATEs, increased reward for Triple Triad wins, as well as bug fixes.

3.01 is now available for download on all versions of FFXIV. You can read the full patch notes here.