What Games Are You Destroying? July 25, 2015

So is anyone here actually playing the new Godzilla game? The two versions (PS3 and PS4) sold, like, under 10,000 units apiece in Japan, so I know the market isn't huge. Just wondering what you think of it, if you're playing.

Me? Oh, good of you to ask. I'm just finishing up the RPG mode in that Taiko Drum Master Vita game I talked about last week. The fucking thing doesn't let me take my own screenshots, though, so my review is going to be filled with dumb photos from a camera pointed at my Vita. In Bandai Namco would rather have its game presented to you as something that looks like ass, then I suppose that's just the way things have to be. After all, they released Godzilla, didn't they? 


What are you playing?