ZombiU Renamed Zombi for Next-Gen Consoles

Not sure how many of you remember ZombiU? You know, that survival-horror game from Ubisoft that was launch title for the Wii U (hence the 'U' part) way back in 2012?

Well, Ubisoft has finally decided to port the game to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in digital form after all this time. And since it no longer requires the GamePad, it will just be called Zombi… not to be confused with the Italian Dawn of the Dead movie series.

While Ubisoft promises that the game has been "optimized" for next-gen console, the bigger question is, well, why? Not that it's a terrible game or anything, but there are likely better games in Ubisoft's catalog that deserves a port, remaster, or remake. Maybe Driver: San Francisco, Far Cry 2, or any of the Splinter Cell games.

ZombiU's use of the GamePad was also one of the positive bullet points for the game, so without it Zombi may just look rather ho-hum. I haven't seen the port in action, though, and well, it's arriving on August 18 so we'll just have to live with it no matter how it sells. At least the trailer music is cool.