Super Mario Maker Creation Tools Locked Behind Time Limit

Super Mario Maker looks great, and Nintendo's new overview video of the game follows suit. It also includes an important bit of information on the creation aspect of the game and how some of the creation tools won't be available on day one.

As the overview video states, "you only start with the essentials." Players must spend at least five minutes creating stages in a single day to unlock more creation tools the next day. The process continues for nine days until all of the tools are unlocked.

Nintendo has locked some of the content in an effort to let players gradually learn and become familiar with the creation tools in Super Mario Maker. On some level I understand the decision, but nine days is a long time to unlock everything.

That means the most complicated courses in Super Mario Maker won't be crafted until a week later when players that bought the game on day one finally unlock everything. At least that gives me some time to shake off the platforming rust.

Even though some of the creation tools won't be available when the game first comes out, I'm still excited for Super Mario Maker. When you put these mechanics in the hands of the players, their creativity shines.

Super Mario Maker comes out for the Wii U on September 11.