Project Morpheus Is Ready to Ship, Waiting Until Stronger Software Support

It feels like it's been years since the virtual reality craze began. Because, well, it has. Ever since Oculus VR hit Kickstarter in 2012 the desire for consumer-grade VR has been rampant. Soon, other companies would invest in realizing their vision for VR, including Sony with its Project Morpheus.

It's been a long time since these devices were announced, and after a long wait soon they will hit store shelves. Speaking to VR Focus, Sony R&D engineer Dennis Castleman shared that Project Morpheus is feature complete. He said:


In our case the HMD hardware is ready to go, we’re just waiting for the game titles to catch up with the hardware.

This includes both the technology incorporated in the headset as well as design of the controller, which is simply going to be the PlayStation Move gamers have been using for several years.

Sony may be in a position to release the device at a moment's notice, but it understand that it needs compelling software to make its debut as impactful as possible. Demos including the likes of EVE: Valkyrie and Kitchen have created a lot of positive buzz for the device, but are short-lived experiences. Sony needs content that will keep gamers invested for months, justifying their $200+ purchase in the process.


Given the difficulty of development, many don't expect a wide breadth of AAA titles to support Project Morpheus. Instead, indies have become a primary focus. The current list of 32 confirmed titles is entirely composed of indie releases, and rumored future support includes more indies such as No Man's Sky and The Witness.

Oculus Rift is scheduled for a Q1 2016 release. It's possible and likely that Sony's Project Morpheus, which is yet to receive a final product name, will join with a similar release window.