The Witcher 3’s First Expansion Has a Release Date

CD Projekt RED has announced the release date for its upcoming expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Dubbed Hearts of Stone, this first proper expansion to the studio's massive fantasy RPG will launch on October 13.

You'll be able to hop in and enjoy the add-on content at any point in the campaign, but it's worth noting that the content is specifically tailored for those who have leveled up Geralt to at least 30. The expansion will take you to the wilds of No Man's Land, and is centered around a contract you make with a guy known as the Man of Glass. 

The expansion content is expected to take players approximately 10 hours to complete and will set you back $10. Not too shabby, when you break it down. After all, more of The Witcher is never a bad thing.

CD Projekt has a second expansion in the works as well. It's called Blood & Wine and will be a bit beefier than Hearts of Stone. As such, it will be double the price at $20. You can expect to see this follow-up add-on at some point during the first quarter of next year.

Are you still deeply invested within the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Will Hearts of Stone be enough to suck you back in?