Play Life Is Strange as a Japanese Anime

Raifu Isu Suturenju… I'm sorry, I mean Life Is Strange has received a Japanese trailer by way of Square Enix, turning the time-travelling indie episodic series into a slice-of-life episodic anime. Or at least that's what I imagine after watching the awesome Steins;gate and Spirited Away recently.

It may sound strange to have a Japanese dubbed version of dialogue written by a French dude about American teenage girls, but given that the game does have a problem with lip-syncing, this Japanese version might actually be better than the original. For what it's worth, the Japanese voice-acting sounds like it has twice the personality behind it.

Unsurprisingly, no Xbox version of the game has been announced for the Japanese SKU for Life Is Strange. Reviewer Peter Paras gave the latest Episode 4: The Dark Room a solid 4-star rating. The final chapter of the game does not yet have a release date.