Release Date Confirmed for Dark Souls III… in Japan

FromSoftware has confirmed that Dark Souls III is slated to release March 24 in Japan for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version and international localizations have not yet been confirmed, but keep in mind that Bloodborne released on pretty much the same day worldwide, to great success. That's not to say Dark Souls III will do the same, but it could be under consideration.

Dark Souls III may or may not be at the Tokyo Game Show. It'll be shown at the Bandai Namco pre-TGS event, but that event is happening right as my transportation will be pulling in, so, welp, crap. I will wander the floor with an ax. If I see FromSoftware people, I will say "Hey can I… axe you some questions?" Eh? EH!? Get it?

The joke is that "axe" sounds like "ask."

But then I end up chasing people around with an axe.

The premise has proven comical in the past.