Sony Brings The Last Guardian To TGS 2015 In A Very Special Way

12 months from now you'll probably be playing The Last Guardian. Until then, the long, agonizing wait for its arrival continues. For those who happen to be at Tokyo Game Show this week, The Last Guardian can be experienced ahead of release. Though, its appearance isn't traditional by any means.

As announced by developer GenDesign on Twitter, a life-sized projected image of The Last Guardian's fabled guardian can be interacted with. It features the "same AI system as in the game", allowing you to make eye contact with it as it recognizes and follows you from behind a digital fence. It goes without saying that it has drawn quite the crowd.

The Last Guardian was announced at E3 2009 with an expected release year of 2011. Since then, it has made an expensive transition from PS3 to PS4. Hundreds of thousands of hours have been spent bringing it up to today's standards with higher resolution textures and improved lighting and shaders. Its final release window of Q4 2016 is one that many fans of PlayStation anticipate greatly due to the revered history of its developer, previously called Team ICO.

In order to meet its expected arrival date, GenDesign is hiring in six different positions ranging from programmer to 3D animator. 


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