System Shock: Enhanced Edition Sneaks Onto GOG

On this exact day 21 years ago the original System Shock came out. Though its sequel is the more popular game, the first one introduced PC gamers to a creepy cyberpunk future and the AI SHODAN. Now an even bigger audience will be able to experience it with System Shock: Enhanced Edition.

The game was added to GOG out of nowhere earlier today, with plenty of new features thanks to the Enhanced Edition moniker. The game includes higher resolution support at 1024×768, remappable keys, mouselook support, and handful of fixed bugs from the initial 1994 release. The package also includes the original version, for those who want a more authentic experience.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition is currently 20% off at $7.99, while System Shock 2 owners on GOG get an even bigger 40% discount. The purchase includes plenty of additional "goodies," such as the manual, strategy guide, soundtrack, and other enticing extras.

Those who aren't familiar with the System Shock series may not know it's the precursor to the BioShock series. Well, Ken Levine didn't work on the first game, but it laid the groundwork for the popular sequel. It also scared the pants off of plenty of audiences in the mid-90s, as it features a distinct horror element.

I've only played System Shock 2, so this will be a great chance to experience the original in all its terrifying glory. Who else plans to check out the game for the first time, or perhaps replay a PC favorite?