System Shock 3 gameplay video will set BioShock fans’ hearts racing

A brand new System Shock 3 gameplay video has been released, giving us our first look at the insanity of SHODAN. Fans of this series have no doubt been waiting a long time for this hotly-anticipated third game in the franchise, and now they can finally get an early look at how things are shaping up.

The System Shock 3 gameplay video kicks off with some panning shots of various scenery in the game. A shadow of some kind of mechanical walker is cast on the wall before it’s revealed to be a Cortex Reaver, a horrible amalgamation of machine and man. Several interactive elements like a turret popping out of the floor and some kind of crane controls are shown. That’s when the action in the trailer really picks up.

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Terrible mutated enemies are revealed, and the player is shown fighting them with melee and ranged weapons. Some kind of more powerful laser is shown quickly cutting down an enemy, and we get a brief flash of a gun that appears to have set one of the mutated monsters on fire. A quick flash of combat shows the Cortex Reaver and the player fighting. SHODAN tosses in several threats about how we’re in for a boatload of trouble and the System Shock 3 gameplay video ends all too soon.

System Shock first debuted way back in 1994 and was praised for its interesting mix of first-person shooter and RPG gameplay; many of the elements we take for granted in modern shooters were first shown in masterpieces like System Shock. It eventually paved the way for its spiritual successor that is probably a bit more familiar to modern gamers: Bioshock.

The only downside to this System Shock 3 gameplay video is that it’s billed as “pre-alpha” footage, meaning that we’re probably a ways off from being able to get our hands on the game itself. Still, it’s a pretty solid look into what we can expect from the game whenever we’ll actually get to play it. You can watch the new System Shock 3 gameplay video below.