System Shock 3 team ‘no longer employed’ at Otherside, claims dev

A number of highly-placed System Shock 3 developers are no longer employed at Otherside Entertainment, putting the future of System Shock 3’s release into question.

As highlighted on ResetEra, a number of employees are shown as no longer working at Otherside Entertainment.  Some of these employees are pretty important to the development team, too.

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Who are the employees that have left Otherside Entertainment? Here’s just some of the people who have moved on:

Furthermore, VGC highlighted several anonymous posts by “Kin Con Karn” on the RPGcodex forum which talked about things behind the scenes. These posts were confirmed as having accurate information by the game’s community director.

So, is System Shock 3 dead? There hasn’t yet been an official announcement, but it certainly doesn’t look good.