Batman: Arkham Knight Is Still a Buggy Mess On PC After Steam Re-Launch

When Warner Bros. Interactive apologized and said that it would invest resources in fixing the broken state of Batman: Arkham Knight's PC version, many took it seriously. Why shouldn't they? This is a company that published the Batman games, Mad Max, Lego Batman, and other greats.

It's been a long road since the launch of the Batman: Arkham Knight PC version. Having released in June to widespread disappointment for its poor performance and game-breaking bugs, the wait has felt longer than the four months would make you think.

Unfortunately, this story doesn't seem to have a good ending. Those hoping to play one of the highest reviewed games of 2015 on their almighty PC hardware are still having issues after two major updates.

Today was supposed to be a day of celebration, and entertainment; it's the re-launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on Steam. The game was originally pulled from the platform after its overwhelmingly negative reception, and it's taken months to get it in a state where Steam would accept it back into its library. However, instead of being a day of comeback and revival, it's a day of disappointment.

Several users, including a personal friend of mine, are reporting that the state of the game is no different than the first major patch that landed last month. We're talking stuttering, freezing, and potentially even crashes still giving PC gamers a hard time.

Funny enough, 12GB of RAM is now recommended for Windows 10 users.

It's all shocking for a game that has the potential to be a benchmark for PC hardware. Those who have been able to play the game for any reasonable amount of time without issue have enjoyed what is regarded as a beautiful game with outstanding texture design, lighting, and shadows that bring to life the greatest virtual version of Gotham the world has ever seen.

This is one of those cases where the simplicity of consoles gives it the upper hand. I was able to play through the entirety of Batman: Arkham Knight on Xbox One without a hitch, albeit with a far inferior visual experience.

With so much time having passed, hope for a stable PC version is beginning to dwindle. Maybe in 2016 things can finally be resolved, but at this rate there's no reason to hold your breath.