Kojima Productions Los Angeles Studio Also on Vacation

We all need to slow down with your conclusion jumping. 

When we saw Hideo Kojima toasting and having a farewell party at Konami, we stupidly assumed it was his last day. Pshaw, that's why we're not running AAA game companies! Turns out, that was a "goodbye, this is my last day before vacation toast!" Of course! Because the last thing you do at work before a vacation is take a day to do nothing other than celebrate your upcoming vacation. You need a break before your break. Yo dawg.

I hope you slapped your forehead good, because a good forehead slap is just the slap your forehead needs after that!

And now we've done the same thing with Kojima Productions in Los Angeles. Upon arrival at the building, you'll notice chairs being carried out, some dude running a shop vac, and another person scraping the name and hours off of the glass door. And of course, no game work getting done. But don't make hasty assumptions! This studio is probably just on vacation too.

You know, there's a life lesson to be learned here. In Japan, we have a saying. "When you assume, you are an ass plum." It's because the first three letters of assume are, humorously, "ass," and an "ume" is a plum in the Japanese language. So don't be an ass plum. Kojima is on vacation and so is his Los Angeles Studio!

[Actual News Source: Polygon]