New Fallout 4 Dialog Mod Solves One of the Game’s Greatest Shortcomings

Tired of clicking on those dinky little dialog circles in Fallout 4's PC version? One modder has just the solution for you.

A dialog mod for Fallout 4 called Full Dialog Interface has landed on NexusMods, and it's taking the world by storm. Within just 24 hours it's accumulated nearly 20,000 downloads, and 235,000 views. You can download it here.

What this mod does is replace the small and unintuitive dialog wheel that seemingly was inspired by BioWare's games with Fallout's classic vertical configuration. It's much easier to select what you want the protagonist to say, and without mistakenly breaking the new dialog camera.

The Fallout PC community has been very disappointed by Fallout 4's dialog system, which doesn't appear to have taken keyboard and mouse controls into consideration. Many have stated that a classic configuration would require a lot of work from Bethesda, but it appears that it was as simple as altering the text placement of the dialog options.​

Modders have been quick to push useful mods to the internet to improve Fallout 4 in a variety of ways. Soon, many of these mods will make their way to Xbox One.

Now to wait for a mod that improves inventory management.