World’s First Just Cause 3 SweetFX Mod Hits the Internet, Improves PC Version’s Graphics

Right on schedule, a SweetFX preset has been put together for the newly released Just Cause 3.

Made by our resident PC guru JamalR, the world's first SweetFX preset for Just Cause 3 makes some subtle yet beautiful changes for the game's already impressive visuals. The use of levels, ambient light, lumasharpen, and more has brought out the colors of the world making it appear more vibrant as you grapple from place to place.

See for yourself:

You can download the package and view comparisons between SweetFX enabled and disabled here.

This preset will result in a slight drop of framerate due to its ambient light effect, as noted by JamalR. For PC gamers looking for a more traditional SweetFX package that doesn't affect FPS by any noticeable margin, check out the alternative version on the site.