Just Cause 4 second DLC pack Los Demonios revealed

Square Enix has dropped the details of the upcoming Just Cause 4 second DLC pack. Called Los Demonios, the upcoming DLC pack launches on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on July 3.

As the title indicates, the second DLC pack deals with a demonic invasion of the of Solis. Los Demonios starts with Rico and Javi exploring a newly discovered temple of the shores of Solis. There, a Black Hand scientist accidentally unleashes a demonic curse that threatens the South American nation.

The demonic invasion brings all new enemies for Rico to fight. These demons not only fight Rico directly, they can also posses soldiers and townsfolk as well take over military vehicles as they try to stop Rico.

To help combat the new threat, Rico can now unlock a number of new weapons and equipment. These new tools include the Demon Crossbow and Demon Egg Supply Drop. Combined with the new enemies, Los Demonios adds a whole new sandbox experience for Just Cause 4 players.

As with the previous DLC pack, Dare Devils of Destruction, Los Demonios is included as part of the “Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass.” With the “demons” part of the pass now covered, all that’s remaining is the third and final DLC pack based on “danger.”

In addition to the reveal of Los Demonios, Square Enix also launched a major update to Just Cause 4. The game’s spring update brought with it a graphical overhaul that, in Square Enix’s own words, “completely changes the world lighting, improving the way light interacts with the environment and bringing considerable visual upgrades.” In addition to this, the update also adds more destructible statues, train bridges, and chaos objects, while providing Rico with more ammo. To balance this out, the game’s “heat” system has been dialed up to provide players with more challenge and more opportunities for causing mayhem.