Gaming’s “Other Ryu” Gets His Third and Best RPG on NA PSN Soon

Long ago in a faraway… the PSP era, PSOne RPG Breath of Fire III was ported Sony's first and only portable gaming system. Japan and Europe got the PSP port, but North America was left out in the cold. North America had not been used to this, especially where its inferior cousin Europe was concerned. It was always well and good for North America to get things first, if not exclusively, but Europe was not allowed to win The Stuff Game.


About a decade after Breath of Fire III's PSP move, it's time for Europe to pay the fiddler. This month, Capcom has revealed, the slightly enhanced port of BoFIII will be available on the North American PlayStation Network for $9.99. Capcom lists PS Vita, PlayStation (Vita) TV, and PSP as devices that should be able to play this PSP title without issue. More information is to come, according to the linked post.

When I was a young whipper-snapper with a little more 'tude and a lot more hair, I evaluated the port's quality on a third-or-fourth-tier RPG blog.