DayZ Forums Hacked, Passwords Compromised

Bohemia Interactive has delivered an urgent notice to all of the official forum users for DayZ of a disastrous security breach. Through an internal investigation, the publisher has discovered that "all usernames, emails and passwords from were accessed and downloaded by hackers."

That said, this notice is quite late given that the hack occurred on January 23, if it is talking about the same breach, nearly ten days prior to this official announcement. The forums were reinstated but users then noticed that their accounts were compromised, leading Bohemia to shut them down until further notice.

As a result, they recommend that all users chance their password on other sites if it is same one they use on the forums. To counteract hacking incidents in the future, it will be nixing the IPBoards login system in favor of the custom-built Bohemia Account. The forums have been taken down until the migration is complete.