Over 400,000 Users Exposed in Furry Porn Game ‘High Tail Hall’ Hack

High Tail Hall, an online furry porn game, was the subject of a data breach earlier this year. Over 400,000 users were affected by the hack, and their data has been exposed. The breach occurred in August, with more details coming out this week.

Have I Been Pwned, a website devoted to notifying users if their accounts have been compromised, released info regarding the breach on November 20. According to Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned, about 411,000 email addresses were leaked from the data breach. Alongside those addresses were IPs, names, order information, and salted SHA-1/MD5 hashes. High Tail Hall developers were quick to point out that their entire website received an overhaul in October. That overhaul included updated security measures, and new login protections. High Tail Hotel Studios, the developer behind High Tail Hall, has posted several updates on their website.

U.S. and E.U. law enforcement agencies are investigating the data breach. No further information regarding the hack has come out, but the developer has assured users that the security loophole has been fixed. Information from the breach appeared on hacking forum Raidforums, and is what tipped off Have I Been Pwned.

According to the BBC, the High Tail Hall breach is yet another in a long line of breaches affecting adult websites. Eight pornography sites were hacked in October alone, exposing over 1.2 million email addresses and other information. The hacking of adult websites can go deeper than passwords or payment cards—relationships can be upended and people can be outed to their families.

The roughly 400,000 users affected by the High Tail Hall breach might have some explaining to do, but it (hopefully) won’t be the end of any relationships. Adult websites are often targeted because exposed users can be extorted as they attempt to hide their activity. High Tail Hotel Studios has suggested that all its users reset their passwords.