5 for 5: Here Are 5 New Street Fighter V Character Intro Trailers

Above is the old standby, Ryu. He's Ryu and you know him. I can feel you knowing him already. Below is someone I don't know, R. Mika. The R stands for, I don't know, probably Rachel I guess. Rachel Mika:

Here's M. Bison. The M stands for, I don't know, probably Mike. He's Mike Bison, a play on Mike Tyson, a boxer who was in his prime when the original Street Fighter was made. That… is probably not true. But holy shit, what if it is, right?

Also Rashid:

For curiosity's sake, I challenged myself to see how long it would take to find horrifying YouTube comments. Not joking: about one second.

This fifth and final trailer features one of my favorite butts in gaming, Cammy:


Oh, wait, there's one more. Birdie:

Oh shit wow there are… a lot of these. Laura:

Share -> Embed -> Change Numbers -> Copy Code -> Paste. This is my evening. Karin!

For some reason, this character isn't Fang, but F.A.N.G. That probably stands for Fred Always Never Goes. His special move is punching you while you try and figure out if that means anything.

Nash takes some time away from Crosby, Stills, and Young to fight people:

Lords-a-leaping how many of these are there? Here's Vega, probably my favorite Street Fighter Heroclix character:

I'll probably never use Necalli:

Zangief instead of "Zangeif," because i before e except after c… and like thousands of other times. Still. Holds up here.

Okay, finally, last one is Ken.

Is it done? Are they done? I think it's done.

Look for our Street Fighter V review soon.