Dark Souls Added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility, Included for Free With Dark Souls 3 Pre-Order

The Xbox One's backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games has quickly become one of the system's greatest features. Although it arrived with only a small handful of supported games, the list of titles has grown on a monthly basis, and has been strengthened greatly by AAA additions such as Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption.

It's about to get a whole lot better, too.

Within the next two weeks Dark Souls' Xbox 360 version will be supported on Xbox One. The announcement was made alongside news that digital pre-orders of Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One will include a copy of the game at no cost.

Dark Souls is regarded by many as the best work by FromSoftware, and was winner of a multitude of game of the year awards. It's considered the most difficult of the franchise, but is also perhaps the most rewarding. It found a fantastic balance of entertainment through its memorable boss encounters, exciting loot, a free-flowing open-world, and captivating level design.

Xbox One backward compatibility games support both digital and physical purchases. Although the free included copy is a good route to go, if you happen to have a copy of Dark Souls lying around you can take advantage of this opportunity simply by popping the game disc into your Xbox One. It'll automatically add the game to your digital library, and once backward compatibility for the title arrives you can play it as if it were natively supported.