Minecraft Digs Up Monthly Subscription Crate Called “Mine Chest”

Much like Loot Crate, Awesome Pack, Indiebox, and a plethora of other subscription-based box services, Minecraft is jumping on the monthly bandwagon with Mine Chest.

For $29.99 a month plus a $7 shipping and handling fee, you'll be able to score exclusive Minecraft-related items that comes packaged in a Minecraft treasure chest sent straight to your door. Every chest will have an exclusive Minecraft T-shirt plus other toys, collectibles, doodads, and DIY crafting recipes.

While the service won't be available until May and is only available to customers living in the US, ordering now will get you into the Mine Chest Beta, the first box that will deliver in May. If you select the 12-month option, you will get each Mine Crate for $27.99 a month and you will get a special unknown gift in your package.

Will you be getting a Mine Chest?