Fire Emblem Fates Has Quickly Become a Best-Selling Fire Emblem Game

Fire Emblem Fates has quickly propelled itself into the spotlight of gamers with high critical reception and strong word of mouth. Following this, it has had the best launch of any Fire Emblem game in history, making it a successful debut that could prompt more Fire Emblem games in the future.

Nintendo shared:


With more than 300,000 units sold between all versions of the Fire Emblem Fates game during its launch weekend, the Nintendo 3DS strategy RPG earns a place in the record books as the fastest-selling game in the history of the long-running, critically acclaimed franchise in the United States. The game sold more than five times as many units as 2013’s Fire Emblem Awakening, the previous record holder in the United States, during its first three days of availability.

In contrast, Fire Emblem Awakening sold 180,000  units within the first month of release.

Some fans predicted questionable performance due to the game's fragmented multi-release, disappointing localization, and censored game elements. Some fans have gone as far as to boycott the release. However, these issues don't seem to have impacted sales in any dramatic fashion.

Fire Emblem Fates is split among three campaigns: Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. You can read more in our review here.