Hallelujah: The Nintendo NX Controller Leak Was a Fake

You may have seen a few images of a "leaked" Nintendo NX controller floating around this past week. It certainly caused quite a stir, and that's exactly what the source of the leak was hoping for.

The good news is that the origin of the device you saw wasn't Nintendo. Instead, it was an ordinary gamer that felt like pulling a prank on the gaming community using his advanced Photoshop skills.

The source of the leak posted a comment on his original Reddit submission today linking to a YouTube video. Seen above, it reveals his original intention to fool gamers into thinking that the patent filed by Nintendo last year was for the company's next console controller. The fake was created using image editing trickery with a 3D modeled recreation of the well-known patented controller image.

The leaker did confirm that the second fake, which has been considered much more realistic, was done by someone else. Judging by the quality of the newer fake, it is assumed that it's been built using a 3D printer.

With that, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and hope that Nintendo has something much better in-store.