Xbox One Release Calendar – April 2016

March madness may be over, but titles that are about to be released will keep you stuck to your screens.

As always, these are the currently-known release dates and things may change from this point forward. Let us know of any changes you may discover.

DiRT Rally / Quantum Break – April 5th

Codemasters has done it again, setting new standards for dirt, gravel, and tarmac racing games with DiRT Rally. This time around, it’s a pure expression of rally with new locations, new game modes, an entirely new physics engine designed from scratch, and new vehicles. Not into racing? Fret not, you can still be a hero! Take on the role of Jack Joyce and fight your way through epic disasters that skip back and forth in time in the Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break.

Dark Souls III – April 12th

The High Wall of Lothric awaits you to awaken and embrace the dark once again in Dark Souls III. The brutal world of a genre-defining RPG's latest iteration promises torturously fun, albeit frustrating gameplay.

Assetto Corsa – April 19th

Become a champion of the tarmac in the beautifully-crafted Italian sim racing game Assetto Corsa. Not only you are involved in wonderfully realistic racing, but you can control other behind-the-scenes aspects as well, down to an almost silly level (not so silly for racing enthusiasts, mind you). You’ll also be able to customize your car any way you wish with precise, exacting detail.

Tales from the Borderlands / Battle Worlds: Kronos – April 26th

The Borderlands universe opens up to players once again. This time planet Pandora is the location; Rhys and Fiona are your heroes in the new point-and-click adventure Tales From the Borderlands. Or, test your leadership skills in classic turn-based strategy Battle Worlds: Kronos.

What are your expectations from these? Any Xbox One games releasing in April that are set in your calendar already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.