Xbox Store, Reddit Leak Battlefield 1 Art

The Xbox Store, in anticipation for today's World Premiere livestream for the next Battlefield, as well as coinciding images leaked on Reddit have revealed Battlefield 1.

The Xbox Store image (NeoGAF, Reddit) above shows a soldier with a trench club, trench pistol, and a rather dramatic cape amidst a shower of Battlefield-esque red sparks and a zeppelin in the background. All of this points to a World War I setting, placing it in stark contrast to the direction of the more futuristic Call of Duty.

The following image from Reddit below, which looks like promotional material from, say, Gamestop (since there is a random copy of Disney Infinity on the ground and there's another poster with "Pack" jutting out of it), confirms that the game will be called Battlefield 1.

Whether this game is based on a historical or alternate-reality version of World War I, I'm surprised that this isn't just called "Battlefield I" instead. If just to make it easier for people when they want to distinguish between saying the first Battlefield game versus, now, Battlefield 1. (It feels like the Xbox One all over again.)

We'll know more when EA and DICE reveal the game more thoroughly in just a few hours. Our new writer, Alessandro Fillari, will be on the case!