Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 weapons bug gives away free guns

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 weapons bug has caused players to inadvertently receive the M2 Carbine and Model 37 Shotgun for free. That’s a bit of a issue as these guns were intended as Chapter Rank rewards for the next chapter of Battlefield 5, and EA had a surprising response to the problem.

Late last month, we got our first look at Battlefield 5 Chapter 6. Among the many new pieces of content was a new map, two new gadgets, and three new guns. Some of this equipment was intended to be given out as Chapter Rank Rewards for the upcoming Chapter 6, but it appears that two of them were accidentally given to all players without completing the tasks required.

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 weapons bug jungle

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This unfortunate Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 weapons bug put EA in a pickle — the guns are already out there in the world, so what are they to do? Well, they’ve decided to just let everyone keep them.

“Earlier today we inadvertently pushed the M2 Carbine and Model 37 Shotgun onto some #Battlefield players accounts with the release of Update 6.0,” stated a tweet from EA Dice’s Global Community Manager @PartWelsh. “We saw you having fun with them so we’re switching them back on and unlocking both weapons for all players[.]”

“These will become Default Weapons, meaning that you won’t need to do anything to grab them, you’ll just find them in your loadouts next time you check in,” the Global Community Manager said in a follow-up tweet. “We’ll need to change around our Chapter Rank rewards to replace these Weapons, and I’ll update you on that later this week.”

This is probably the best way that EA Dice could have handled this problem. While players are surely happy to get early access to these weapons thanks to the Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 weapons bug, there is now going to be a gap in the Chapter Rank rewards that will need to be filled with something. EA Dice will announce replacement rewards at a later date.