Battleborn Drops to $40 With Overwatch Release

Battleborn, Gearbox Software's new MOBA-lite shooter, has dropped from its initial price of $60 down to $40 across all platforms. Given that the game released just earlier this month on May 3, that's a fairly quick drop but one that coincides with today's launch of Blizzard's Overwatch.

With both games releasing around the same time and being called hero shooters, plenty of comparisons have been made between the two, though they're actually quite different from one another.

Battleborn has an eight-episode co-operative story mode and its multiplayer variants are more methodically-paced with longer matches, whereas Overwatch is more fast and furious and concentrates solely on PvP with the ability to swap out characters during respawns.

We'll have to see if Battleborn will be as successful as Gearbox's Borderlands series whose first installment in 2009 sold 2 million copies within the first two months. Blizzard's Overwatch is already on track to being a bestseller with a beta that reached almost 10 million players.